Where it all started…

I wish I could state that promoting homeownership amongst women is the result of a huge lightning bolt or astronomical event that altered my world. However, the truth is, Divas Doing Real Estate is simply based on my own personal experience as it relates to two encounters and the resulting impact with relative strangers. In my early twenties, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase a small two-bedroom house for less than $80k, that I was leasing at the time. I distinctively remember making contact with the Realtor (first stranger) by phone whose name escapes me, submitting my application to her “preferred” lender, and being advised a few days later by phone, I could not make the purchase. I do not recall the reason I was declined and certainly not a follow up call. I remember thinking I must have really bad credit. I did not have enough information to question the “professional” so I left “well-enough” alone.


In a brand new city, with a brand new corporate position and relatively descent salary straight out of college, I was introduced to a beautiful spirited young lady by the name of Latonya Patrick-Asbury (second stranger) on my first day in “Corporate America”. Having known each other for less than 3 months, Latonya invited me to a homebuyer’s workshop. The entire drive to the workshop I thought to myself, “Why am I wasting my time?” I attended the meeting and based on the information I received, I knew I wanted to explore the process once again. After, consulting with my fiancée and parents, I decided to press forward. And, guess what…my first home purchase was less than 4 months later and two days after Latonya’s.

I have committed to Empowering, Enriching and Encouraging women towards homeownership. I am more driven when a woman believes it is an impossible task as I have been in her shoes. I know how it feels to be illiterate to a process, financially unstable and emotionally unsure of your ability to achieve a goal. I literally know how self-doubt creeps in and settles, while you walk around wondering “Why can’t I do this?”. The worst part is to not have enough knowledge to ask questions only settling for the information provided as I did on my first attempt at ownership. On the flip side, I also know how it feels to have the encouragement and support from a Diva. To have someone see something in me that would allow them to willingly share an opportunity that has forever changed my life.

My passionate desire to assist women pursue their real estate goals began with my experience as a first time homebuyer.

Where will your story of begin?