DIVAS Doing Real Estate® supports ambitious women of color in their journeys towards achieving their real estate dreams.

Whether those dreams are homeownership, property investment, or a lucrative career in brokerage, DIVAS Doing Real Estate® provides personalized support, coaching, and accountability partnership catered to your goals and needs.

We tap into years of expertise and experience and an intimate knowledge of the many avenues of building wealth and financial security through real estate. Through one-on-one and group coaching, financial education programs, workshops and more, we help to lay a solid foundation of knowledge and take action to build real estate success.

Meet the Real Estate Diva, Sherkica Miller-McIntyre

DIVAS Doing Real Estate® is powered by the passion of our founder and Real Estate Diva, Sherkica Miller-McIntyre.

As CEO of one Charlotte’s top-rated brokerages and property management firms, she’s spent 15 years supporting more than 1500 tenants, buyers, investors, and landlords with their real estate needs. She’s also a homeowner and investor securing multiple streams of income through real estate.

Our founder’s success doesn’t mean she’s not familiar with the challenges that women of color face in this space though. From being declined for the purchase of her first home to failing her first real estate license test, she’s seen the lows of real estate.

But she’s also seen what it takes to overcome them. And the freedom she’s found has given her more time to do more of what she loves, including spending time with her hubby and four beautiful children and living out her career dreams.

Now, the Real Estate Diva is eager to give other women the tools, support, and accountability to move beyond the struggle and create their own real estate success stories.

So, here’s what you can count on…

We’re here to see you win. Because we don’t just believe that there should be space for women of color in real estate. We know that space is there, and we’re eager to help you navigate it. You can trust us to…

Educate you on what you need to achieve the real estate goals you’ve imagined

Encourage you to pursue your goals with personalized support and accountability

Empower you to fulfill your real estate dreams with proven tools and strategies

It’s time to make your dreams come true, and we can’t wait to help.