Divas Dream Bigger

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As a little girl, each one of us probably played with baby dolls and especially Barbie. I can vividly recall Christmas morning, December 25, 1982. My daddy and mom made sure I was in Barbie heaven. A Barbie townhouse, Barbie dream house, Barbie McDonald’s, Barbie Corvette and Barbie pool all sprawled out under the tree as I walked down the steps.

I still find it fascinating that at that age, I literally believed I could be just like Barbie! With exception to the blonde hair and Coca-Cola bottle shape, I was determined I could be anything my little 7-8 year old mine could imagine. Barbie was an astronaut, lawyer, ballerina, cop, super model and waitress all at the same darn time!

Fast forward to adulthood, motherhood and work “hood,” my heart, just like many Divas, still has the desires and dreams to be just like Barbie (sometimes even including the blonde hair and Coke bottle shape). The issue is the mind begins to play tricks on you over time; convincing you that life will not allow you to be all of the amazing characters in your childish and adult fantasies. Somewhere, between disappointments, hurt, the wall erected around your heart and all the stuff of day-to-day life begin to overshadow the ambition, drive, passion and ability to dream wildly. Well, Diva, it is time to Dream Bigger!

Over the last five years, I am sure due to turning the big 45, I have decided to Dream Bigger and be as bold about those dreams as I was at 7. I know many of these dreams may not be attainable at the moment but I have given myself permission to have dreams again. And, so should you. No matter where you are in life, if it isn’t where you want to be, instead of considering all the steps and hurdles it shall take to accomplish, just decide to DREAM your way through. Dream Bigger and imagine yourself in that new position, new relationship, new outlook, obtaining a 2nd or 3rd degree…or heck a 1st degree, on your dream trip to Dubai and yes…even that new home!

Give yourself permission Diva to Dream Bigger, so you can achieve greater!