If He Could See Me Now

“We are on record”

These are the words every Realtor loves to hear.

These four words indicate that the deal is done and your buyer is officially a new homeowner. In this case, Ms. Maria is a new first time homeowner after four closing date changes, two extension requests, a title hiccup and a make shift “closing table” in her medical building on lunch!

How did she do it?

Allow me to give you a quick recap.

Maria and I meet last spring while standing in line at a local UPS store. I had stopped in to check on a few marketing items all “decked” out in my sweats, head wrap and a hat.  Maria in her work scrubs had come in UPS to check on her new mailbox for her upcoming business.

After a casual hello, we found our connection. Maria was a new wholesaler looking to learn the business and gain insight on how to best market and build her business plan.  It took all of 5 seconds for the two of us to exchange cards.

Within a week, Maria invested in my Divas Doing Real Estate Investing Program. For the next three months, we worked solidly together and her new business Honey Investments, LLC was launched. Maria was on the way to building her brand, creating multiple streams of income and developing a firm financial foundation to support her real estate investment goals.

Then something happened.

Maria’s father became ill and without any thought Maria put her dreams and new business aside to care for her father. The ability to be by his side and to ensure her mother and sister were well supported with her presence would mean more than words could express in the coming months.

Sadly, Maria’s father passed away before the end of summer.

I was able to bear witness to this young lady’s strength as we stayed in constant contact through her family’s ordeal. Listening to her speak of her father and share so many of the lessons she had learned from him truly allowed our connection to build well beyond a Mentor/Mentee relationship.

In mid spring, just a few months after her father’s passing, Maria reached out to me. She was ready to press forward with both her real estate business focusing on helping others avoid foreclosure.

Maria was prepared to do the work required to become a first time homeowner. Taking care of a few small items, focusing on increasing her credit score and continuing to save for her closing costs and downpayment, Maria was both determined and patient as she pressed forward.

By June, Maria was a ready, willing and fully capable buyer. With her preapproval (fully underwritten application) in hand, she began her happy house hunting.  Within a week, we found the perfect match  and Maria’s vision for her new home was extraordinary. She was able to see around the “rough edges” and began planning her renovations.

Maria demonstrated a patience rare for first time homebuyers and her faith proved to be the catalyst for making it to the closing table.

After all the papers were signed, Maria, the lender, notary and myself exchanged hugs and pleasantries. I noticed Maria’s eyes swelling with tears and her first words were:

“I wish my daddy could see me now”.

Watching the tears flow from her face, I realized that Maria’s drive was not simply a desire to be a homeowner but her desire to achieve a dream that was seeded from her father’s teachings and example. Maria wanted to ensure she continued her father’s legacy as a provider, protector, planner and builder of the community.

Maria’s journey to build her own legacy, financial wealth and contribute to building the community has just begun. I am grateful to have encountered, engaged and played a small role in the conception. I am 100% confident I will be able to witness the manifestation of all her real estate dreams.

So right there on her lunch break, in the middle of an office building, Ms. Maria became a first time homeowner. With a one year plan to turn her first home into an investment property and continue this process to build her portfolio. She also plans on doing much of the renovations herself! Within a week of closing, I am already getting her “handy DIVA” photos.

Can you say proud mentor moment!

Maria’s path to ownership is an example to others that what is for you, shall come to pass, if and only when you commit to doing the work required, have the faith to press forward even when “times” get rough and the patience to allow all things to “work for your good”.

Learn more about this exceptional DIVA and her business by following her on Honey Investments, LLC.