My Why…

Today begins an incredible journey for me, as the re-launch of Divas Doing Real Estate Consulting becomes a reality. Not because of the zeal and extreme feeling of accomplishment.  Rather, the overwhelming emotions of the why Divas Doing Real Estate Consulting was created. Divas Doing Real Estate Consulting was founded to provide women of minority status the benefits of pursing homeownership and investing, as well as the exploration of careers in Real Estate.  With an emphasis on the power of a woman’s financial standing, the passion driving this venture is inspired by personal experience and a burning desire to serve a demographic of overlooked women.  These women are credit-challenged, low to middle income and single income households that would benefit tremendously from a nominal understanding of the power of their financial well-being and ongoing support to maintain their balance.

My “why” is the belief that hardworking, dedicated women that desire to build wealth for themselves and their families, is 100% possible. No matter the circumstance, cultivating their mindset, broadening the knowledge of possibilities and providing a support system is key to enhancing the lives of women that have goals of ownership, investing or careers in Real Estate.

As a Realtor and property manager, I engage women every day that are bogged down in social beliefs. I, too, was once a victim of self-perception based on societal beliefs. My Real Estate mentor showed me years ago that there was a whole world waiting for me to conquer. I stepped out on faith to begin a career in Real Estate, while simultaneously co-building our family’s investment portfolio.

Days have not been easy or a cake walk.  However, what I have gained is an appreciation of the struggles women face financially on a day to day basis.  Through my journey, I have experienced first-hand, the same desire, hurdles and doubts women face to own their own home and create a better lifestyle for their families but can’t quite figure out the how.

 My ‘WHY’ is what propels me to help each woman I engage, to figure out their how!