A Happy DIVA-Wife … A Happy Life!

“A Happy DIVA – Wife … A Happy Life”

It may be a little too late for MCM (Man Crush Monday) but I was determined to share my recent experience with an amazing couple.  As a Realtor, I have been both honored and blessed to work with hundreds of clients each with their own unique story that independently leave a beautiful imprint on me both professionally and personally. The Clark family, however, had a little more of a “twist” to their story and their sacrifices made this one heck of an enjoyable eight-month journey to witness and share.

Orlando and Krystle were introduced to me by one of my longtime business vendors so I knew they were good people from the start. However, what tickled me the most was our first phone conversation. Mr. Clark was straight to the point and was very quick to let me know that he didn’t have the time or the energy to waste as he and his wife were on a mission. When I advised him how I typically start my clients off in the buying process he politely said that my phone conversation was pleasant but he and his wife needed to “sit down with me face to face in your office”.  I knew then we were going to have a great partnership.  And that all my DIVA-abilites had better be on point because they were not coming to play.

After meeting with the Clark family, I realized that they had recently had a “not so good” experience with a previous real estate professional and thus their apprehension level was heightened.  Ensuring them I would work hard to earn their trust, I provided them with my typical power packed information session on the first time home buying process, how I operate with my clients navigating into home ownership, as well as resources to get them started.  I felt almost 99.2% I would earn their business. Well DIVAS, it took them about two weeks to follow up and just when I thought I was almost down for the count, I received a call that they were ready to roll and that they desired me to assist them on their pathway to home ownership.

Without overwhelming you with the awesome details of our first few weeks together, I will just say I immediately noticed the care and concern Orlando showed for his wife’s, wishes.  It wasn’t the “whatever she wants” response that often is a quick way to get the showing process over with and onto the steps of decision making.  It was a sincere, genuine desire to see his DIVA happy. I could tell as they would walk in a home he would gently grab her hand or as she would stand close to him as they viewed a room during a house showing.  I could see as his eyes lit when she smiled ever so softly at an aspect in one of the homes we were viewing.  On the day we were scheduled to make a final selection for new home construction, Orlando watched attentively as Krystle’s eyes grew large and her smile even larger standing in the model kitchen.  By her smile and his nod, we had found a “winner”

The Clark’s homeownership experience was magnified the day we visited the showing room to select options for their new build.  Krystle has to be one of the sweetest DIVAS I have had the pleasure to work with and it was a joy watching her design her home as Orlando went with the flow.  I remember asking him in the showroom, “what are you going to add” and he stated pointing to Krystle, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. In fact, he made that comment a few times while we were in the showroom and I knew without a doubt that was his mantra.

Krystle got her perfect kitchen equipped with her personal favorite selections,  a pullout trash can and a drawer for sponges and wet towels.

Go figure. 🙂

However, don’t be confused as Mr. Clark certainly had a huge say in their home selection and fortunately for the both of them their new home included both a man cave and a nice bonus area perfect for Krystle’s lady lounge. Orlando’s eyes also were filled with excitement as he viewed the home he and his wife designed  on the showroom screen in full color with all of their selected options.

On our first visit to their new home after framing, we had a “bless this home” party writing notes, scriptures, quotes and so forth on the framework just before drywall.  I watched as Orlando and Krystle bless their home along with their son.

(Read some of their comments in picture slide show)

I am sure you are wondering how this client experience is any different than my other experiences.  The difference is that this beautiful couple sacrificed for over two years living with their parents/in-laws to do exactly what they set out to do … become homeowners.

Sacrificing their own personal space, their son’s space, living with items in storage all to make their family’s power move (no pun intended).

Would you do that as a single DIVA or as a married couple?

Be clear this was by choice!  Real talk, I find it quite difficult to spend a full night at my parents’ with my hubby and three little ones so to do make this sacrifice for more than 24 hours would be a challenge.  But that is one of the characteristics about this couple that truly left me in awe.  They had faith, created a plan, took action, stayed dedicated to their plan and fully executed the plan to ultimately achieve their goal of ownership.

The Clark family made one heck of a personal sacrifice to achieve their ownership dream and that is the difference between achieving your real estate dreams and reading a blog about someone else achieving their own.

If you wish to make your next best step towards your real estate dreams and you are not quite sure where to start, schedule a Dream Session with me.  I would love to hear your dream and help you frame the dream into an actionable plan that results in your new reality!