Dreaming In the Clouds…


For years my husband and I have played a very unique game while traveling.  If on a road trip, we will each dream about what we would do if we won the lottery. The amount is always based on the first lottery billboard that we pass. We generally approach a sign within 2-3 hours of either direction of our road trip.

By the time, we made the approach of the billboard, we had already guesstimated an amount and began to ponder all the things we would do with the payout.  The road trip fantasies seemed to keep us on a basic course, listing the normal wishes such as paying our tithes, paying off all of our bills, giving to family, setting the kids up well for the future, traveling, purchasing a few lavish items, and investing in our 250-unit apartment home community,” Prosperity Place at McIntyre Landing” (…speaking those things as if they already are).

On the other hand, when we fly, our vast imaginations really go to work and the details are more vivid and the scope broadens. There seems to be something about “dreaming in the clouds” that causes your mind to make visual imprints of your heart’s desires.

Maybe it is the vulnerability of being in the air.

Maybe it is the humbling of your spirit amongst God’s space.

Maybe it’s the breathtaking view of the sky.

Maybe it’s the freedom from all the mental noise of the world, (Well not today because as I type on the plane, a baby is screaming at the top of his lungs)

Whatever, the reason for the ability to dream bigger in the sky, it is exhilarating.

This week I am traveling solely in my dream city…Paris.   And guess who is own my mind…YOU.

My dream for each of you to be identified as DIVAS…Distinguished Individuals on a Victorious Ascent to Success.

My dream for you is to be inspired to pursue wealth through real estate and create a legacy for yourself and your family.

My dream for you is that all your doubts and fears about gaining a strong financial foundation is diminished.

My dream for you is to be financially free with excellent credit.

My biggest dream for you is that you achieve your homeownership goal.

Because of my passion and commitment to you, I am hosting multiple city DIVAS Dream Bigger Vision Board Parties.  During this workshop, I will guide you through the process of creating a vision board based on all your dreams.  Your ability to visualize your ideal life is the best first step to meeting your homeownership goal.

Schedule a Dream Session to discuss your goals and how my services can assist you achieve your real estate goals.

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