She Kissed a Dolphin and Loved It


If you are apart of the DIVAS tribe you know that with all the love I have for the white sands of the beach being in deep blue waters with this beautiful creature is so not me!

But let me just say, “I did that hunni”!

Who in the world would have guessed, I would take the plunge into deep waters to swim with a dolphin.  You know the water where you cannot stand up and you have to rely on your life jacket and ability to keep calm to float.

Well if you guessed “not Sherkica” you are 100% correct!

Initially, I was terrified to let go of the comfort of the wading area to swim to the center of the pool allowing  myself to “swim” with the dolphins.

Instead, I watched admiring 7 others including a 10 year old little girl enjoy being pulled along by these beautiful creatures.

So here is how I found myself in this place stuck in fear and in doubt of my own abilities…

On vacation with my mother and two sisters earlier this fall, my mother decided she wanted to be adventurous picking an excursion that included swimming in a cave , ATV Riding and a tour of Tulum, one of the ancient Mayan ruins. My sisters and I would make the decision to swim with dolphins mostly to top my mother’s adventure and fulfill a wild dream from our youth.

On our excursion to the cave, I managed to swim through a tunnel to the open waters of the cave whose waters were at least 50 feet deep. The guide  however had to keep me close as I am a pretty good swimmer but have a HUGE fear of being unable to touch the bottom surface. Odd I know, but we all have our shortcomings.

I made it through the cave in one piece and enjoyed every moment with my sisters who both got a good laugh out of my reaction of accomplishment and more so at my initial cries of fear as I wadded reluctantly through the freezing waters into the mysteries of the cave ahead.

The next day when it was time to swim with the dolphins, instead of remembering my triumph from the day before, I only concentrated on my fear of the open water. I refused to remember that I had made it through the cave and enjoyed the beautiful scenery inside the cave and awesome view below the surface.

I didn’t hold to the strength I had to relax and allow my body to float as I did the day before.

I didn’t find comfort in the fact that my life jacket would not allow me to sink.

I didn’t remember that the day before, I had forgotten about being terrified of  my inability to stand up in the water.

I refused to find more joy in encountering a dolphin than the internal turmoil of letting go of the side of the pool.

After watching each participant play, swim and be pulled by the dolphins, I left the swimming area feeling defeated! I had allowed a 10 year old that couldn’t swim out do me.

My sisters didn’t press me and could tell my excitement had diminished. They stayed positive as we left the water.

But then something happened…

As our group walked over to the other side of the pool to have our interactive activities with the dolphins, I kept running over and over in my head “why didn’t you just jump in, Kica?”. I said these same words with each step I took.

The trainer realized my dismay and asked me once again if I️ wanted to get in the water with the dolphin. He probably could tell I was pretty bummed.

And without a thought, I just jumped in!

And to my surprise, I️ was able to once again move my legs to hold myself afloat and instead of fear I found exhilaration touching the dolphin as he swam by.  I did exactly the same thing I had done the day before. I let go of my fears and trusted my own abilities.  I trusted that not only did I know how to swim but I was surrounded by people that would help me if anything went wrong.  If I started to “drown” I had the knowledge and resources at my finger tips to rise above the situation.

So here I am, me and my new friend!

Now this is where you think to yourself, “exactly why is she sharing any of this with me”.

The answer is simple…

Often DIVAS allow their fears to paralyze them from enjoying this thing called “life” being held hostage from achieving our goals and accomplishing our dreams. EVEN in circumstances when we know deep down inside we “got this.

We forget that we can “swim” and that there is help around us to keep us from “drowning”.

As you head into 2019, do not fret the things that were not achieved in 2018. For whatever the reason, things may not have gone as planned and that’s okay. It no longer matters.  What matters is that going forward you learn to draw on your strengths, talents, knowledge, passion, past experiences and all the positive support you have to make 2019 great.

I can’t help you with all your dreams and goals but if homeownership, investing or a career in brokerage is an area you want to add to your  Vision Board for 2019, I would love to be apart of support system as your personal Accountability Partner.

Schedule a Dream Session with me and lets see if “swimming with the dolphins” is in your future as well.