My Panties Have Holes, Too…


Now that I have your attention, let’s be extremely clear that my panties do not actually have holes.  But, thanks to my good friend, Dr. Aimy Steele, the title has resonated with me for several years and I find it relevant when speaking on the need for Divas to be transparent.

Divas are considered lavish and outwardly fashionable while being internally void, with tendencies of selfishness and conceit.  However, it is a fact that all Divas are women just like the rest of us; wearing cute ‘’panties’’ that may have a seam loose.  In other words, financial challenges, debt and a few mishaps with money management.  Now, as prompt as women are to share the latest fashion trend, refer a hair stylist or nail tech and show off the new popping lip gloss, we rarely share our financial glitches.  Many would say “it’s none of anyone’s business.’’  However, the fact that another woman may be idolizing another—for their fashion forwardness, fabulous hair styles, glossy nails and glittering lip gloss—actually justifies a need for a glimpse into a Diva’s financial prowess, or lack thereof.

The problem is that most women are quicker to show and to share the fruits of their labor, yet hesitate to share the secret of their grind.  Divas think about it, if your diva friend is purchasing a home, you usually never know about the process…until you get the invite to the housewarming.  We may not be willing to expose the holes in our panties, but are certainly and enthusiastically willing to walk the runway in our seemingly perfect pair.  Our unwillingness to speak openly about our challenges, can be a detriment to those reveling in our success.  Changing our aversion to transparency is the only way to change the reputation and the power of what it means to be a DIVA!

Yours In Real Estate,