What Legacy Shall You Leave Behind?

I wanted to share some inspiration and valuable information for your upcoming holiday weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share my expertise and experience on a new podcast interview this week with Rosetta Thurman, founder of Happy Black Woman.

This was an awesome way for me to connect with DIVAS around the world and share both professionally and personally my pathway into Real Estate and my passion for assisting women of color pursue their Real Estate goals.

As you are traveling, laying by the pool or on your lunch break this weekend, please take the time to listen and share!

Click here to listen to the podcast


Here are some of the topics we discussed:

⭐️ How I was introduced to home ownership and real estate investing.

⭐️ Tips for first-timers in the real estate realm: what does it really take to get started?

⭐️ Getting past credit problems to make the path to real estate ownership and investing possible.

⭐️ A look into my world: how I stay focused and productive.

⭐️ Why are your goals important to you? It’s important to know the answer.

⭐️ My advice for women who are just starting on the entrepreneurial journey.

⭐️ How your next best step in achieving your Real Estate goal is scheduling a Dream Session with Divas Doing Real Estate.

Yours in Real Estate ,


P.S. If you’d like to take action on achieving your Real Estate goals, building your legacy and gaining financial freedom click here to schedule a complimentary Dream Session with me.